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I miss writing regularly, but writing here feels like wallowing and whining.

So I'm trying something different: http://staceykay.tumblr.com/

I'll try to pop in here every once in a while.



...Seriously. People shock me with their stupidity on a daily fucking basis.

Patience shrinking, bliss is far away.

I suck at LJ posting.  I'm really sorry about that.

If you go here (I bought my own domain last week!) you can kind of check up on me.  But, you know, it isn't quite as in-depth.  It's public, what do you expect?

Ask for my AIM.

Shed some light on me, please.

HappinessFTW! <3


My mathematical mind can see the breaks.

My doctor signed the form.

I am now allowed to pursue my license.

There are still steps left.  But this one was vital.  The rest are all red tape.

Life is very chaotic right now.

My parents and I are having a "moving sale" next Saturday—which is basically, from my understanding, a garage sale on steroids.

That means we have to finish cleaning the entire house by next weekend.  My parents are losing their minds.

I signed my lease at Campus Edge.  Now I just have to figure out a way to weasel out of my Legacy lease.

If things work out, Phil is going to be my roommate.  It'll be better than before, because this will be legal and we'll both have our own space.  And the apartments are way cooler, too.

In order to get my license, I have to get a doctor's approval on paper for the government to approve.  I tried this three years ago with my pediatrician, because I thought he knew me best and had a decent shot at approving.  But what I didn't factor in is that he's slightly overprotective.

With my parents moving to Denver, I decided to try for my license again with a different doctor.  I called first, though.  And he seems to have a pretty liberal attitude about it.

When I needed him to sign a paper for physical therapy a few years ago, he said, "Okay, I'm signing this.  But I don't think you can do it.  You can try, though.  And if you break something, just come on in and we'll fix it up."

I know that sounds pessimistic, but at least he gave me a chance.  And I exceeded expectations without shattering my skeletal system.

Anyhow.  We gave him the paperwork Thursday.  He called Friday and asked me to go into the office at 10:45 Monday.  This is either to check my reflexes and mobility for the driving paper, or to tell me no face-to-face.

I'm really, really pulling for an exam.

I've started to really get interested in cooking.  Most of the things I'm really eager to cook happen to be vegan, but that's only by coincidence and because this cooking blog makes it look absolutely amazing.


This is the story I've been anxiously awaiting.

Shameless Threadless plug.


Everybody will ask what became of you.

I have so, so, so much to update.

Suffocating amounts of change.

But I don't have time tonight.  Or tomorrow.

Soon, though.